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In 2016 the Government announced an initiative to reduce the amount of added sugar in ALL soft drinks by introducing a special two tier levy on any product with a total sugar content of 5gm per 100ml attracting a tax of 18p per litre and 24p per litre on any product with a sugar content greater than 8 grams per 100ml.

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Over the past few months we have been working with our producers to ensure that all of our own label products have been reformulated to ensure that they are all exempt from the tax, with a clear label on the pack indicating that they are “Sugar Tax Free”.

The only three products in our range that will attract this new tax are the full sugar variants of Coca Cola, Fanta and Pepsi Cola, the impact of which is detailed below:-

Packaged Brand

Coca Cola


Pepsi Cola

Pack Sized




Increase Per Pack (Ex VAT)




Increase Per 1/2 Pint




If you wish to avoid incurring these added costs we do offer a number of alternatives including our own Cola Red, Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, all of which are sugar exempt.

Should you wish to discuss these options please speak to your local sales contact or get in touch with us here at the office on:

Office: 01384 241 113

James Gilby: 07572 064 525

Nick Vincent: 07964 757 702


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