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This is a great way to serve multiple products from one unit. Volumes can be controlled by the push of a button, mixing soda water and syrup to make the perfect drink. Still drinks and carbonated drinks can be dispensed from guns.

Counter Top

These machines produce quality drinks because the cooler is situated in the machine, meaning the 6 chosen drinks are poured at the perfect temperature and eliminating the need for a cooler to take up space elsewhere. Still drinks and carbonated drinks can be dispensed from a counter top machine.


An elegant dispensing unit with great product awareness. They sit on the counter taking up little space and can accommodate up to 6 products. The cooler and BIBs can be stored out of site, saving valuable front of house space. Still drinks and carbonated drinks can be dispensed from a tower.


We have a range of coolers, which can ensure works best for your circumstances, taking into account the number of drinks, length of Python run, space available and where it is to be situated. We ensure that the install always gives the best quality drinks and works well within your environment. We use this cooler because it uses r290, a new refrigerant that is better for the environment. It also comes with a built in timer to save energy.

Bar Fonts

It’s important that the customer is aware of what you are selling, so we customise the font to your requirement. This will be discussed with you when we survey.