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Our Story

A Phoenix from the

Flames? Not quite!

Who are we?

Phoenix Dispensed has over 30 years industry experience

Phoenix was set up to offer the customer more. Better choice of products. Better prices. Better service and support. This has created an ever growing portfolio of customers, who can relax in the knowledge that Phoenix are taking care of their postmix and soft drinks requirements.

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Service Is Key To Phoenix.

Installing equipment and producing quality drinks is only part of the service we offer.
Sadly machines can break, so our engineers are on hand 7 days a week until 10pm at night, to get you back up and running and pouring drinks with as little disruption as possible. A simple call to the breakdown number 01384 241 297 or a message left out of hours will ensure that someone responds to your query and if they can't help over the phone will schedule a visit working around your opening times.
Our dedicated team of drivers ensure that you get your drinks on the day you want them and that they are put away for you if required. They have built relationships with our customers over the years so they can meet the customers needs where possible.


Guns, Counter Tops, Towers, Coolers and Bar Fonts


Colas, Brands, V-Range, Packaged Products and Beers


Call 01384 241 297 for support or message out of hours